Free Download Rack Up Game Apps For Laptop, Pc, Desktop Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac Os X | Whatsapp Download For Laptop PC

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Free Download Rack Up Game Apps For Laptop, Pc, Desktop Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac Os X

The creators of the hit game “Run the Joint” are back with a brand new challenging one-touch arcade puzzle game!! Hectic game play where every level is unique as you confront aliens that seem to develop a personality!
***** Prepare to swipe until your fingers are raw! - Robin Anstealin

Distress Signal sent from "British Space Station 404": “Aliens have taken control of our key space research stations dotted all over the galaxy, show them whose boss and reclaim the grid!” Send in HMS Rack Up!
It is HMS Rack Up’s job to battle the invaders and protect what is ours. When the Distress Signal goes out you will be called to help fight back the swarm of aliens from Wall-Crawlers, to Bouncers to Block-Eaters that are determined to destroy and break down our space stations. There will be Power-Ups along the way that will help you with your mission.

How far can you get before they catch you?

Swipe to move and cover the empty board by building and joining walls to fill them in. Claim 80% of the board to complete the level.
Use the Power-Ups to help fight your way through and try to reclaim all 40 challenging levels!

Install now for instant addictive arcade style fun!
Think before you swipe, these aliens are coming for you. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat & have you coming back for more.

Game Play
• Wall-Crawlers: These blue aliens creep along the edges of walls, hide in the wall to avoid them.
• Bouncers: Red Bouncer aliens bounce off the walls, the smaller the space the more dangerous they become.
• Block-Eaters: The green aliens devour what is in their path and will destroy what you have built.
• Within-Blocks: These frightful yellow aliens only appear in the walls that you have created

If an alien strikes the wall that you are building its infection will spread, try and complete the wall before the infection reaches you.

Power Ups
• Lightning Fast: Grabbing this power up it will increase your speed drastically
• Slow Motion: Slows down the aliens giving you more time to create walls
• Invincibility Shield: Gives you protection against the aliens
• Lock Enemies: Locks aliens in place giving you free reign to move about
Note your Power Ups only last a few seconds so make use of them while you can.

If you want to go one step above the achievement of completing levels then your score is the one to watch and is dictated by how much of each level above 80% you can cover.

You start with 3 lives and it’s a good idea to watch a video ad which will give you an additional 2 lives bringing it up to 5 lives.
To make it even easier, you gain an additional life after completing each level.

Each time you die you start again in the bottom left hand corner.
You can die when the alien catches up with you or an alien’s infection runs along your wall until it reaches you.

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1. Download and Install Bluestacks from our guide From Below Link. 
2. Open Bluestacks and search for “Rack Up” in the top search bar. 
3. Click on the Install button at the right side. 
4. Wait for Bluestacks to automatically download and install Rack Up for Laptop and PC. 
5. Once it is done, go to Bluestacks > My Apps. 
6. Open Rack Up. 
7. Start using Rack Up for PC.So basically it is very easy to Download and Use Rack Up on PC. We hope you liked the simple guide to Download Rack Up for PC.

Click here for Free Download for Windows PC
Click here for free Download for Mac
Bluestacks Updated Windows Download Click Here
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